Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Islam is Incompatible with Democracy

Islam is Incompatible with Democracy

“Islam is Incompatible with Democracy” was the theme of the debate.

In the for group;
1. Daniel Pipes
2. Paul Sheehan
3. Dr. Tanveer Ahmed

In the against group;
1. Dr. Samina Yasmeen
2. Ms. Amina Rasul
3. Waleed Ali.

Prior to the debate poll result was;
1. Yes: 38
2. No: 42
3. Undecided: 20
After the debate the result was;
1. Yes: 48
2. No: 52.

Therefore the group of Daniel Pipes lost the debate. In other words, Islam is compatible with democracy. Would you believe, under pressure, Pipes agreed too!

During the question/statement time I said, “the holy Qur-an is like constitution and Hadiths are like Case and Statue laws. On top of these guidelines, debate and discussions are permitted and they used to practice a fairly good democratic process. However, today, the democracy is under the barrels of guns in Pakistan, aided and abetted by the USA for their own-interest. Egypt is in the same direction. Again, the corporate governments of USA destroyed the democracy of Algeria earlier.

However, knowing the specific blinker of Pipes, I have to say, “Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion and Zionism Is Incompatible With Any Civilised Society”. I also promised to handover an extended dossier to each panel members in support of my argument. At the end of the meeting I passed them on and waiting for a reply.

After the debate couple of young ladies said, “we know you, we saw you in many rallies, do you mind if we take some photos with you and your famous T-shirt”. I had a chuckle with them and they took some photos.

Some people who were ‘scared’ of me because of my T-Shirt or look prior to the debate asked me for my fliers and I gave them until they finished.

However, prior to the meeting some predictable people complained to the security about my pole/bumper stickers, “Free Palestine” and “Stop Genocide in Iraq”. They were ignored.

Some people complained about my existence at the door of the Sydney Recital Hall. They too, have not had enough luck. Some of them refused to take my fliers and look at me with contempt. Yet, I maintained civility with them.

A few of them came and told me, “your materials are disgusting”. I said, “according to your opinion”. The reply was, “it is a fact”. My response was, “based on what evidence”. After a few exchanges, I said, “what Daniel Pipes preaches and practices are really disgusting, not my arguments because they are based on facts. One said, “you should not be allowed here in the first place”. One shouted, “you are smiling like an innocent baby while distributing offensive materials and wearing a disgusting T-Shirt”. I said, “where is the free speech and do you believe in selective free speech only”? They too, complained to the security and management without any luck.

I said to myself, during the Howard period we were gradually loosing free speech and democracy, dummying down education, ‘children over board’ and ‘truth over board’ overtook free press and publications, public servants were muzzled and bullied into submission!

Under Kevin Rudd may be we are going to regain them now.

Oh, I did not have a ticket for the venue. During my adventure I went inside to get a ticket without any success. Anyway, I continued my mission. At one stage I noticed a nice person was hanging around me. I asked him, “do I know you”. His reply was, “I know you from the Politics in the Pub … “. Naturally, we continued to discus a few issues. At one stage he said, “I love to talk to you but I got a small problem”. I said, “what is it”? His response was, “ I’ve got four tickets but one of my friend is not coming and I have to offload one”. I laughingly said, “your problem is my problem and please give me that ticket’. Yes, he gave me the ticket for half of the actual price while the 1200 seat venue had many powerful standby buyers.

Well, next time if I see this journalist bugger, I’ll shout him a nice cuppa.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Daniel is not a bright fellow. His arguments are based on prejudice and bigotry rather than facts or meticulous analysis. He is not a Middle East expert at all. The evidence is Iraq, Afghanistan and tonight’s debate! Self declared experts like him forced the USA in quagmires after quagmires without any remorse whatsoever!

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